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Los Angeles County Fair 2015 Plein Air Event and Exhibition


The first piece below is the oil sketch (8x10") done in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  The finished version (11x14", oil) is the second picture below after 70-100 hours of work over several months.  


This paintout started on a very hot September morning.  Normally, I would take several hours on location, but the brutal heat of the advancing morning and the sunlight creeping up to my easel limited my time.  


In future paintouts, I will try pastel as well, which may be quicker for me because of the directness of application of color (ie. no mixing of colors- just grab what you need from the pastel box).  For me, drawing is easier and more natural, which will allow me to be more efficient when I am truly on a time schedule on location.


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