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September 19, 2015


I gave it a try at the first plein air event at the Los Angeles County Fair, which was held by the California Art Club.  It was definitely a challenge with the temperature heating up very quickly.  I did a quick sketch in about 1 hour and 30 minutes before the heat took its toll on me.  The sketch served as the basis for a studio painting which was completed in 70-100 hours over the following three months.


See the sketch and studio version here.



June 2015


I recently returned from a trip to Thailand.  I hope to make use of many reference items in pieces that I will begin working on soon.  I have both new ideas and many themes that have been simmering in my mind for years.  I have been hesitant to put these ideas on canvas or paper because the lack of authentic cultural reference materials.


I hope to see some finished pieces during the rest of this year.

Recent works

December 21, 2015


Several small works in oil and pastel based on Thai temple murals have been completed and posted.

Finally, I have been able to post the Los Angeles County Fair 2015 work as well.


April 28, 2015


Some recently completed and inventoried works have been added to the Artwork gallery.


These works from the past year include mostly small format landscapes of Southern California in oil, but there are some figurative works as well.

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