September 19, 2015


My first plein air event with exhibition at the Los Angeles County Fair paintout.


February 2014


I decided to deepen my dedication to my art by increasing the number of days per week for painting (which of course meant spending less time at my regular job).  This greatly increased the number of sketches and finished work produced.


In February of 2014, www.chomchaiart.com  was created. 


Later in 2014, I produced my first significant set of oils (much of which included sketches and revolved around the Southern California landscape).



2011 to 2013


My passion for art pushed me to begin producing works more regularly (with at least several works created every year).  


This period was characterized by acrylic, inks, mixed media, and watercolor.



Prior to 2011


Occasional short periods of production resulted in small collections of work every few years.  Life (school and work, mostly) would get in the way of art.


Primarily pieces were executed in watercolor, although I did experiment with other media like pastels, colored pencil, and acrylics

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